Web Design

In this day and age, everyone needs a home on the web. It's important your site clearly articulates your company's mission while educating viewers enough to take action. I start every web design by fully researching the company I'm designing for. I then design for the end result in mind.

Web design is one of my main job functions for the last two and a half years. I currently design and implement 2-3 websites a month. I host and manage on a private server about 40 more. 

Technically, I setup my first website in 1996. I hosted my own blog all through high school and into my Navy career. My degree from Tulsa Community College is in Digital Media with an emphasis in Web Design.

Work Examples:

Centris Information Services:

I designed the website for Centris Information Services, a U.S.-based call center with major operations in Mexico. They wanted to set themselves apart from the competition using a vivid color palette, avoiding stock photography, and highlighting the personalities of their agents.

In addition to putting together the design, I shot most of the photography and all of the video for the site. I also designed the email automation built in to all the site's forms. 

centris web design

Extremity Consulting

I designed this website for consultant Kevin Heller. He wanted a website that could explain his leadership development model and introduce him to prospective clients.

I encouraged him to use custom video to show off his personality to prospective clients. I also used pop-ups to let people learn more about his model without forcing them to navigate away from the home page.

extremity website

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