Email Marketing

Some people love to believe that email is dead. That's far from true. What IS dead is impersonal email marketing to the wrong people at the wrong time. Email today is personal, timely, and informative. If you're not building your email list to reach customers, you're leaving money on the table.

Over the years I've studied email marketing. I use a industry-standard system called Infusionsoft to craft my campaigns. Check out some of what I've put together for my clients.

Assessment Automation

My client was looking for a way to quickly send test results to people who had taken an online personality assessment. I came up with a tag-based system that only required the sales person to apply one of six tags to a contact record. The system automatically sent results based on their score. This saved my client hours of time and productivity.

assessment diagram

Call or Email

My client wasn't sure if calling or emailing was the best way to get in touch with their prospects, so I came up with a way to A/B test which was more effective. The automation would tag the prospect as a call or email preference and task the sales person accordingly.

email campaign still

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