About Randy

CTO and Marketing Director for 360 Solutions, a business consulting training and support firm based in Waco, Texas, with partners all over the world.

What I do at work:

  • Marketing and CRM administration using Infusionsoft
  • I created and maintain our website, 360solutions.com.
  • Developed a member dashboard that allows our partners access to training manuals, workbooks, video content, and podcasts wherever they are.
  • I produce all video content and photography for 360 Solutions.
  • I started and co-host the High Performance Leadership Podcast. On the podcast, I do all audio engineering, production, and promotion.
  • I do web design and marketing for several of our partners as well as a few select clients outside of the business.
  • I do print layout and design for company materials.
  • I do branding design and development for company materials. I also do branding design for partners and clients of the company.

Outside of work:

  • Freelance video and marketing for local CrossFit gyms. My work has been featured nationwide.
  • Freelance web design, branding, video, and marketing for local companies.
  • Spoke on a panel about "Innovation in Marketing" at Baylor University.


  • Digital Media Web Design, AA - Tulsa Community College
  • Journalism / Broadcast / Public Affairs - The Defense Information School
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